In Japanese Culinary Institute, we provide accommodation support in either the school dormitory or in apartment houses in Atami or in nearby cities depending on your budget.

​As our culinary lessons are held both in school kitchen and off-campus kitchens, you will discover various places around the area. We also encourage students to explore Japan as much as possible to learn its culture and art, in addition to what is offered by the course, so it is better to choose a place that makes it possible.

Some places are more convenient than others, so even if you are planning to find accommodation on your own, we recommend  you to consult the school for the choice of your accommodation.

The average cost for accommodation in Atami, the suburbs of Atami and Tokyo is:

US$ 40 〜 /night

US$ 1,200〜/month

Enjoy Washoku life ​to the full!

Please inquire detail. 


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