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Let's learn Tendon with Japanese food lesson!

Hello, from jci_japanculinaryinstitute!

Today, I would like to introduce one of the Japanese food lessons we provided before!

The menu of the day was Tendon. Do you know Tendon?

Tempura is a popular Japanese dish. During the lesson, a fish tempura was made. The lesson started from how to handle and cut the fish. Coat the fish with batter and fry it while paying attention to the frying temperature. Whether it can be fried crispy or not depends on the temperature and batter.

Pour the rice into a bowl and put the Tempura on top. Then you can make a Tendon, a Tempura bowl in that way.

Despite the simple process, it is extremely difficult to make crispy tempura.

Everyone listened intently to what the teacher said and tried!

The finished tempura bowl looks delicious. It makes us hungry.

By the way, there are no set rules for the topping Tempura of Tendon.

You can make your favorite tendon.

Tempura is loved not only by Japanese people, but by people all over the world.

Why don't you try mastering it at Japanese food school JCI?

What is JCI?

Japan Culinary Institute (JCI) is a full-scale Japanese food school where you can learn Japanese cuisine in English.

It offers excellent opportunities to learn high-level lessons from top professional chefs.

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