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Japanese Culture


Japanese Culture and Japanese Cuisine is inseparable, and to have a deep understanding of Washoku, it is indispensable to learn and experience its culture first hand.

In Washoku Japan, we offer various cultural experiences to have a deeper understanding of Japanese culture while learning culinary culture.

JCI’s culture course provides students opportunities to experience many aspects of Japanese culture. Traditional Japanese culture originates from the roots of the Japanese people and their belief in the Japanese Shinto gods. Through this course, you can experience Japanese culture in a short period of time like no other.

In our one-week course, you can choose 15 programs from the following courses.


Do you want to write your future shop name in Japanese? Or create something to remember your travel instead of just photo? Try Calligraphy using brushes and ink, and express your passion, memory, and experience in writing. It is a piece of your art, which will ornament your wall beautifully, as well as your memory in Japan.

Japanese instruments

You can experience various Japanese traditional instruments.

Kimono lesson

Learn how to wear kimono - Japanese traditional garment by yourself.

Cleaning Temple

Cleaning is actually the core of various Japanese culture, including cooking.  Cleaning is purifying the spirit and the place, and it is learning true Japanese spirit in all aspects of life.

Experience Tea Ceremony

You can experience complete tea ceremony in a tea house.

Japanese Dish Making

For anyone who loves Japanese cuisine, using handmade dish will make your experience with Japanese cuisine even more enjoyable.

Dishes and tablewares play an important role of Japanese course meal, giving different expressions to the food in it - the same food in different dishes make a whole different impression. Truly, Japanese cuisine is to enjoy with 5 senses: eyesight, taste, hearing, smelling and touch. ​

You can experience dish making from 1 day, to 3 days during your course.

Zazen / meditation

You can visit temple and experience Zazen.

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Japanese Flower arrangement
Shrine visit in kimono with tea ceremony etiquette
Japanese architectures visit
Kaiseki meals experience and Japanese table manners
Making Japanese sweet and manners of making and tasting Japanese green tea
Izakaya (Japanese style pub) experience
Yakitori (Chicken skewers) lesson and tasting with drinking
Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) experience
Sake brewery visit  
Miso factory visit 
Fish market visit with fresh Sushi lunch
Ramen museum visit with tasting ramens 
Hot spring experience
Small trip to Mt. Fuji (the highest and the most beautiful mountain in Japan) and Hakone
Japanese castle visit

Visit the studio of Geiko and Geisha where practice singing and dancing 

Japanese Traditional Arts Museum visit



Total: 2,200 USD

Course fees include:

- Entrance and experience fee for visits (museums, shrines, and hot springs)

- lessons fees

- Lunch fees mentioned in the programs

- English interpretation service.

-Transportation fees for Mt. Fuji visit


Not included:

-Transportation costs to school and in-city transportation expenses

- Accommodations

- Other food and beverage costs not mentioned in the program

- Personal expenses

- Insurance


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