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Japanese Cuisine has become a global trend, known for the use of a wide variety of seasonal ingredients, healthy, nutritious and well-balanced diet, and for intricate culinary methods to create a world of a mixture of food, art, nature and people(combining its food, art, nature and the people). It is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2013 as "Washoku". However,  the chances to taste authentic Japanese cuisine abroad are still limited. 


Our mission is to bring authentic Washoku to people all over the world by realizing a high-level education on Japanese food culture as a whole. We offer all our courses in English, so that foreigners not familiar with Japanese language and culture can get the grasp of the key elements of Japanese cuisine. We incorporate learning outside the classroom as much as possible, by offering various visits and excursions, such as visiting fish market, sake brewery, rice factory, tea factory, etc...


  • Japanese full course meal by professional chef

    Chef Training

    Learn to become a professional Japanese culinary arts chef

  • HP About us 1.jpg

    Home Cooking

    Learn the Japanese cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere

  • sushi1.jpg

    Sushi Training

    Course specialized in Sushi preparation

  • sweet.jpg

    Wagashi Course

    Learn how to prepare traditional Japanese sweets

  • yakitori.jpg

    Yakitori Course

    Japanese Style Chicken BBQ 

    with various ingredients

  • ramen.jpg

    Ramen Course

    Japanese famous Noodles including soba, Udon, etc.

  • 日本のリキュール

    Sake Course

    Wines and spirits made of rice and various ingredients

  • Maccha.jpg

    Green Tea

    Various green teas and traditional tea ceremony

  • c86500a4ab125a261ba9c5d03592de96_t.jpg

    Gyoza Course

    Learn how to prepare Japanese pan-fried dumplings

  • dashibig.jpg


    Soup stock is the essence of all Japanese cuisine

  • street food.jpg

    Fast Food

    Popular fast foods - to go on the street

  • 7633f073a79287f5139bd2a45278a264_t.jpg

    Culture Courses

    Learn various aspects of Japanese culture

  • 熱海の海.jpg

    Summer Course

    Spend your summer learning all about the Japanese culture

  • 和食レストラン

    Opening a Restaurant

    For those who plan to open their own Japanese restaurant


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