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Japan Culinary Institute

Learn the REAL Japanese Cuisine -Washoku- in JAPAN

All lessons are in English (other languages available)

8 Reasons to learn at JCI


JCI is a school for international students. 
You can learn all the lessons and activities in English. 
*Please ask for Chinese and other languages.

All lessons are taught in English


Many lessons take place at our affiliated restaurants in addition to the school kitchen.
You can get hands-on training with professional cooking utensils, which can only be experienced in real restaurants.

Practical trainings at real restaurants 


So many practical lessons are included in the courses so that you can learn advanced and reliable techniques in a short period of time. 
For example, when learning how to cut various types of fish, each student can experience handling an overwhelming number of fish.

Plenty of
hands-on lessons


We believe that it is important to learn Japanese cuisine deeply from the close relationship with its culture as well as cooking techniques.
In order to deepen your understanding of the entire Japanese cuisine world, we offer various cultural experiences and opportunities of learning traditional Japanese food ingredients in the program.

Opportunities of cultural experiences


Our instructors are restaurant owners and active chefs who are currently working at restaurants.
You will experience useful special techniques and the passion that only a real chef can teach.

Instructors are active Japanese Cuisine chefs


Our lessons are suitable for everyone at all levels, from a beginner to a professional chef who aims to open a restaurant. 
Please let us know what you expect to learn at JCI. We do our best to support you.

A wide range of courses to suit any purpose at any level


We offer restaurant opening support lessons for those who want to open their own restaurants.
You will learn all the know-how necessary to start a restaurant business, such as marketing, menu creation, and purchasing method.

Restaurant Opening Support Lesson


An internship training can be arranged at affiliated restaurants.
Basic Japanese proficiency is required.
We can arrange an interpreter for a fee if the student’s Japanese proficiency is not sufficient.
The second half of the 24-week course is the internship in a real restaurant or kitchen, which is a daily practical training.

Experience of Internship



Our Chefs

International Washoku Competition 2023

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