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Sushi Course

Sushi is probably the most famous dish of Japanese cuisine in the world. Its popularity has spread so widely that the word sushi is recognized anywhere in the world today. Using fresh raw seafood such as tuna, salmon, squid shrimp and sometimes vegetables or other ingredients, sushi is served in various ways including nigiri, a slice of raw fish over pressed vinegared rice or makizushi, a sushi roll filled with various fillings. At the same time, an international style of sushi roll like California roll which is made with untraditional ingredients such as avocado, cheese, or mayonnaise has evolved distinctively to reflect local taste preferences.


<Examples of Sushi type>


・Gunkanmaki (a type of nigari wrapped with a  wide strip of nori or dried seaweed around the sides)
・Makizushi (roll sushi)

・Chirashi zushi (scattered sushi)

・Oshizushi (rice and other ingredients such as saba fish (mackerel) are layered and pressed for a while to shape)

・Hand-formed Sushi

・Inarizushi (sushi made of aburaage or deep-fires tofu stuffed with rice)


Course Curriculum

The goal of this course is to acquire skills required for cooking common menus at Sushi restaurants. After learning the basics of Japanese cuisine, students will focus on acquiring knowledge and skills. The course will be useful for those who want to open their own sushi restaurants in their home countries in future.


The student will also learn how to judge the freshness of different fish and shellfish - an important skill for sushi chef - by visiting fish market to learn how to select ingredients. You may also visit rice factory, sake brewery, and fishing experience, as well.


• Introduction to cooking tools, how to sharpen a kitchen knife

• Types of rice and fish, How to choose rice and fish

• How to prepare for Sumeshi(vinegared Rice)

• Traditional and Modern Sushi

• How to preserve food ingredients

• How to make Sushi by hand

• Hand-formed Sushi, roll sushi, scattered sushi

• How to slice raw fish, make soup or other fish dishes at Sushi restaurant

• How to plan a full-course menu at sushi restaurant

• Tableware for Sushi, and how to dish up

• Lesson on sake at Sushi restaurant and green tea


Fish Cutting Techniques

· How to sharpen a kitchen knife, explain the appliances​
· How to cut various fish - cutting into 3 parts
· Sashimi Preparation and decoration
· How to choose the type of fish
· History of Sushi, Various Sushi
*Visit Fish Market, Knife shop


Sushi Techniques

· How to cut different types of fish for sushi
· Preservation method of ingredients
· How to choose rice, prepare vinegred rice
· Sushi Rolls
· How to grasp sushi- nigiri
*Visit to Rice shop, sake brewery visit


Sushi Shop menu

· Practicing how to cut fish
· Side dishes for Sushi restaurant 
· How to use dashi (soup stock)
· Sushi restaurant fish dishes
*Green tea lesson


Sushi Restaurant Management

· Training on grasping sushi at a counter
· To realize preparation of sushi at the moment, and serving speedily
· How to cook sushi shop courses
· Sushi restaurant management
· Sushi restaurant customer service
· Restaurant hygiene control
*Final Examination

*Lesson orders and contents are subject to change in order to learn different dishes organically, instead of separatedly.

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