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Gyoza Course


One-day Course for Amateurs to Learn the Basics and Arrangement of Gyoza 
One-week Practical Training Course for Professionals
Two-week Intensive Training Course with Study Internship

Gyoza is perhaps one of the most popular foods in Japan. It originated in China, but like ramen, it has evolved uniquely in Japan. It has already become one of the favorite foods of the Japanese people and a national dish.


Basic lessons start from one day to learn the basics of making ingredients to wrap, how to wrap and cook Gyoza, and other fun skills and tips.


In the one-week professional training course, you will learn the basic skills of gyoza skin, ingredients to wrap inside, and how to bake and develop your original Gyoza recipe in one week.


The two-week intensive training course includes the 1-week professional training course, plus one week of daily practical training at a gyoza restaurant. You will learn the valuable know-how needed to open, operate, and succeed in a Gyoza restaurant by being on the actual site. Also, you cultivate practical and management skills that will enable you to open a restaurant immediately after you return home.


Since Gyoza is often served with ramen, we recommend that you take this course in conjunction with the ramen course.

<Course Fees>

Two-week course for professionals: US$3,800

(1-week course + Saturday option + 1-week study internship* at a restaurant)

*Study internship: Short-term intensive training to learn how to prepare and cook dumplings under the guidance of a master chef at an actual dumpling restaurant and on-site operation and management know-how.


One-week course for professionals: US$1,900

(For those who want to become a Gyoza specialist and want to broaden their recipes or develop new recipes, or for amateurs who wish to improve their skills, regardless of their business)

One-day class for amateurs: US$300

For beginners who want to enjoy basic Gyoza and arranged Gyoza.


Gyoza Couse Timeline

1-week course
2-week course
1st week
1st week
Orientation, Lecture on Gyoza, Gyoza Lesson: Making basic and traditional Gyoza, ・Unique fillings ・7 types of skins
Gyoza lesson: Vegan Gyoza, crystal skin, and varieties of Gyoza sauces ・How to make Gyoza wings and disc arrangements for steam-frying ・Research on popular local gyoza
Gyoza lesson:3 types of basic and mainstream gyoza ・Gyoza restaurant hopping tour
Gyoza lesson: Variety of gyoza cooking methods and dessert gyoza ・Hands-on lesson/practice at a Gyoza store
Gyoza lesson: Variations of gyoza; Round Gyoza, Rolled Gyoza, Cheese Gyoza ・Completion exam ・Research on Michelin-starred Gyoza Restaurants ・Completion ceremony
Sat. & Sun.
2nd week
Day 1 of on-the-job study internship* at a restaurant *On-the-job study internship: Short-term intensive training in preparation and cooking under the guidance of a master at an actual gyoza restaurant, and at the same time, learn the know-how of on-site operation and management(Not paid)
Day 2 of the on-the-job study internship
Day 3 of the on-the-job study internship
Day 4 of the on-the-job study internship
Day 5 of the on-the-job study internship

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