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Things to Know to Live in Japan

Living Cost:

The living cost in Japan varies from city to city. ​Compared to Tokyo, which is the most expensive city in Japan, and other metropolitan areas of Japan, Atami/Shizuoka Prefecture enjoys relatively lower cost of living.  The average cost of living is around 110,000 yen (1,000 US$) .


・How to make a phone call to Japan?  First, dial the country code of Japan 81, then regional code (remove the first 0 -zero-) and the number.

・How to buy a cellphone? You can buy pre-paid cellphone with your passport. However, the detailed information on the service can be found in each shops and phone companies.

What to bring to Japan?:

・dictionary・Travel guidebook・plugs for electric products・medicine etc.


Electricity supply in Japan is 100 volts, unlike the United States (110-120V) or Europe and much of the rest of the world (220-240V).

The electric current in eastern Japan (from Yokohama and Tokyo up towards Hokkaido) is 50 Hertz, and in western Japan (Nagoya, Osaka, down towards Kyushu and Okinawa) is 60 Hertz.

The Japanese plug and socket are Type A: parallel flat two-pin (JIS C 8303, Class II), almost identical to the United States' standard plug and socket (NEMA 115 ).


Most apartments and hotels have Internet connection. In public spaces there are often free wi-fi. There are many internet cafes, too.


There are shops that do not accept credit card payment. It is recommended to bring both credit card and cash. It is not difficult to find International cash card ATMs to withdraw cash from your bank overseas, too. 

Bank Account:

It is not possible to open a bank account with short-stay VISA for less than 90 days. Also, even with long-term stay VISA for more than 90 days, if the duration of your stay is less than 6 months, you cannot open a bank account. However, each branch even within the same bank the criteria may  be different, so please inquire directly to the branch. Also, if you open an account in the area far from your residence, you will be asked the reason. 

With bank account service by Japanese postal office, you can open an account even if the duration of your stay is less than 6 months, although wire transfer service is added only after 6 months of your stay.

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