History of Japan Culinary Institute(JCI)

Education for international students based on 40 years of expertise in culinary arts in Italy

A professional culinary school reputed for the highest quality of culinary education with almost 40 years of legacy, based in Florence, Italy.  Since its establishment in 1983, Florence Culinary Arts School (FCAS) has been providing Italian professional culinary lessons to over 3,000 foreign students aspiring to become Italian culinary chefs worldwide. We have had about 5,000 students studying Italian home cooking as a hobby as well. With the experience and proven quality that we have built over the years, we now open our door in Japan to those who would like to explore the Japanese culinary arts lessons, conveniently delivered in English.

With instructors who are expert Japanese chefs and on-site interpreting in English, we offer the best programs to students from all over the world aspiring to become professional chefs. We welcome students who want to acquire Japanese cuisine skills intensively, brush up their skills, or seek business opportunities in the Japanese cuisine environment.

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