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Japanese Soup Stock Special Workshop


As most of Japanese cuisine is cannot be realized without Dashi, or soup stock,  it is indispensable to Japanese cuisine. In a well-established or famous restaurant, the chef tries the taste of the soup to be used on that day, and if it is not perfect, they will throw away the soupstock and prepare all over again. The soup stock is that important for a Japanese restaurant, and it can be said that it is the "life".  For chefs Dashi is the basis of all the dishes.

Depending on the purpose, dashi vary in the material used, and how to prepare. Also,  Japan  is the only country in the world that uses "dried fish" and "Konbu" seaweed for soupstock.

In this Workshop, you will lean how to make soups based on various ingredients, such as fish, seaweed, mushroom, vegetable, chicken, pork born, seafood, lobster head, etc. You will learn how they are made and will taste each of them to understand the difference.

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