Our location: Atami City

When learning cuisine, the environment is very important. Using fresh ingredients, vegetables that grew taking sunlight, seafood delivered from the port every morning, freshwater filtered through the mountains... Well, the City of Atami offers an ideal place to learn authentic Japanese cuisine as it was born and cultivated, in a close connection with nature. Atami, Shizuoka prefecture, is where JCI is located.

Atami is also known for sulfate and salt-rich hot springs and keeps its relaxed environment and authentic Japanese culture that cannot be found in metropolitan cities like Tokyo, Yokohama, or Osaka.

It takes only 50 minutes to reach Atami from Tokyo by "Shinkansen" (the Japanese bullet train).


The Shizuoka prefecture is blessed with a diverse climate including Mt. Fuji which is the highest in Japan and Suruga Bay which is the deepest in Japan, and a variety of high-quality agricultural, forestry, and fishery products are being produced.


Clearwater that springs from the Mt. Fuji watercourse, Soils that are rich in minerals, excellent in drainage, water retention, breathability and fertilization, sunshine and drainage, and climate at 50 meters above sea level are also optimal for agriculture. It is no wonder that it boasts the top nationwide in the number of agricultural, forestry and fishery products produced, and the number of awards by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.


Shizuoka is a treasure trove of ingredients rich in both quantity and quality--so to speak, "the kingdom of ingredients". In addition, it boasts more than 40% production of Japanese tea as the tea production area.

It enjoys fresh seafood landing at Atami Port and Mizuho Port each morning, and it has been prospering in tourism with high-quality hot spring resort since ancient times. There are many restaurants that take pride in the taste that follow traditional recipes. In addition, the culture of sweets is rooted in tea consumption in the travelers' inns, and there are several Japanese sweets shops that manufacture sweets following methods since its foundation 100 years ago.  Atami's fireworks festival is also famous, not just in the summer but throughout the year as well.

Atami facing Sagami Bay
Atami Beachline
Statue of famous novel characters
Atami city in night
Atami Bayside Park
Hot water springs out from corners
Boats parked at the bay
Cherry Blossom
Cherry blossom and the beach
Izusan Shrine
2000 years old Camphor tree
Atami Castle on top Mt.Nishikigaura
Red lieave in the fall
Statue of Kamanariya Heisichi
Japanese restaurants