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Our mission is to bring authentic Japanese Cuisine accessible to all people in the world. 

Japanese Cuisine has become a global trend, known for the use of a wide variety of seasonal ingredients, healthy, nutritious and well-balanced diet, and for intricate culinary methods to create a world of a mixture of food, art, nature, and people (combining its food, art, nature and the people). It is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage as "Washoku".

However, compared with the increased attention and high demand for Japanese cuisine, the chances to taste authentic Japanese cuisine abroad are relatively limited. The level of Japanese cuisine available in other countries is generally kept low because ingredients and culinary methods are applied superficially, without fully conveying its spirit underneath. In fact, Washoku represents not only food in Japan but it is a concept that encompasses all aspects of life, respect, gratitude, and thoughtfulness for others and nature. 

Our mission is to bring authentic Washoku to people all over the world by realizing a high-level education on Japanese food culture as a whole. We offer courses for all who want to learn authentic Japanese cuisine, both for professional purposes and personal fulfillment, from the level of beginner to brush up their skills, to opening their own restaurants. The courses are available in English, so that international students can easily reach top-level culinary training without the language barrier. Also, as culinary art is inseparable from its culture, we offer rich opportunities to learn Japanese culture, along with culinary training. In addition to offering various courses, we can also make customized programs for each student to achieve their specific goals and interests.

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