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Ramen and Japanese noodle Course

Ramen, a noodle soup dish is one of the most popular Japanese foods around the world. Originated in China, Ramen has evolved distinctively in Japan over time and Ramen restaurants can be found anywhere in Japan and each area has its own unique regional variations.

<What is Ramen?>
Ramen consists of three main elements: noodles, broth, and toppings. Most noodles are made from four basic ingredients: wheat flour, salt, water, and "kansui", a type of alkaline mineral water. The broth is the base of ramen and is usually made with meat, either chicken or pork bone, as well as other ingredients such as seaweed, dried bonito, dried sardines, vegetables, and sometimes seafood or other ingredients. For toppings, each restaurant chooses its favorites, but normally we can find "chashu" or roast pork, dried seaweed, green onion, pickled bamboo stems, and boiled egg.

<Flavors of Ramen>

 In general, Ramen are categorized into 4 flavors: "shio" (salt-based ramen), "shoyu" (soy sauce-based ramen), "miso"(soybean paste-flavored ramen), and "tonkotsu" (pork bone broth ramen). Nowadays, as the Muslim tourist population in Japan grows, there is a steady increase in the number of Ramen restaurants offering "Halal ramen", which is made with only halal meat and seafood stock for its broth. Moreover, although most Ramen are made with meat-based stock, some restaurants offer options for vegans, such as a Ramen which is made with 100% vegetable-based broth, and wheat noodles blended with lotus root (no egg).

Ramen Curriculum at JCI
Through our Ramen course, you will learn this unique cuisine, from basic Ramen making skills including noodle making, different types of broth, ingredients, and flavors, under the guidance of the instructor who is a professional Ramen chef at one of the most popular Ramen restaurants in Japan. We can also organize special lessons for those who are interested in halal Ramen or Vegan Ramen making on request. Moreover, our Ramen course offers visits to famous Ramen restaurants.  Explore the deep world of Ramen in Japan! We recommend students to take both the Basic and Professional courses together to complement each other.

Professional Ramen Course 1-week


・History of ramen, types, and characteristics: pork bone ramen, soy sauce ramen, salt ramen, miso ramen, and dried fish ramen.

・Types of soup: ramen soup, pork bone soup, chicken soup, vegetable soup, seafood, and fish soup.

・Types of noodles: flat noodles, thick noodles, very thick noodles, shrunken noodles, wide noodles, thin noodles, very thin noodles, etc.

・Preparation of basic ramen

・Side menu: "chashu", egg, and vegetable


Also included in the curriculum are how to choose ingredients, noodle factory tour, eating at popular shops.

Ramen Restaurant training&management Course 1-week


In this course, students aim to acquire general menus of ramen shops, knowledge and expertise useful for actually open a ramen shop, and how to manage it. Also included in the curriculum are how to create original menus.

  • Preparation of advanced types of ramen

  • Making original soup

  • Noodle making

  • How to preserve ingredients

  • Preparation of side menu: dumplings, roasted pork, fried rice, etc.

  • Menu study and best toppings that are commonly served with ramen.

Ramen One-Day Course

You will learn the charm of various kinds of ramen only in one day. It is ideal for those who want to make their own ramen for personal interest, to know more about the process of making ramen.

You will make one of ramen from Pork bone ramen · Soy sauce ramen · Salt ramen · Miso ramen・Spicy ramen (or others), and taste it after making.


  • Introduction to Ramen

  • Making of Soup (Soup stock)

  • Making topping for the ramen

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