​Japanese Restaurant Open Preparation Support

Are you planning to open a Japanese restaurant in your country?

​Would you like to know what makes difference between successful restaurant and so-so restaurant?

Would you like to attract both Japanese clients and local clients to your restaurant?


Japan Culinary Institute supports all your wishes about opening your own Japanese restaurant outside of Japan, through a variety of courses specialized in teaching how to open and manage a successful restaurant, whether it is sushi restaurant, or ramen restaurant.


STEP ONE - Japanese Restaurant Successful Management Course

In this course, you will create a practical plan of a successful restaurant, which achieves expected profit.

​The course includes: market research, setting target, examining the types of restaurant, facade study, specialized shop/architecture/interior design, budget planning and equipment, product price range setting, per customer spending,  examining the sales, financing, personnel/staff plan, advertisement and promotion, logo mark/logo type design, startup budget, running budget, management plan - short-term/mid-term/long-term plan.


1) Restaurant professional dishes and equipment: 2 days

2) Restaurant interior decoration goods: 1 day

3) Facade and exterior goods: 1 day 

4) Successful Japanese Restaurant interior design and plan: 2 days 

STEP TWO - Japanese Restaurant Advanced Course with private lesson

* for students who completed the professional 1-2 months chef training courses 

5) Restaurant Lesson Advanced 1 day

6) Restaurant Lesson Advanced 3 days

Restaurant Open Training Course with Menu planning

*Please participate together with your partner or your chefs.

You can create your restaurant's menu together with our chefs.

7) 1 day private lesson

8) 3 days private lesson


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