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Summer Courses in Japan

Japanese Culinary and Cultural experience in beautiful Atami city!

Summer in Japan – JCI Summer Courses offer a unique chance to enjoy the best parts of Japan.  You can learn popular Japanese cuisine such as "Ramen", "Yakitori", "Sushi", home cooking, and traditional Japanese desserts, directly from culinary professionals at Japan Culinary Institute, while enjoying the beaches, hot springs, and temples in Atami, and experiencing Japanese culture first-hand in Tokyo as well !
Each of the four lessons is taught by a very high-level culinary master and teaches highly specialized expertise in the pursuit of cooking. Offers the possibility to reproduce authentic Japanese cuisine anywhere in the world.
The main school is located in Atami, a quaint city about 40 minutes from Tokyo (Shinagawa) by shinkansen (bullet train). It is a popular escape for people living in big cities, to feel nature and enjoy a peaceful time. During the day, you can enjoy beaches, shopping, and visiting historical spots in the area, or you can visit Mt.Fuji, beautiful Lake Ashinoko, the famous castle in Odawara, Firework Festivals, etc. on weekends. Some courses are organized at popular Japanese restaurants in Tokyo as well.

The culinary lessons are offered with a FREE English interpreter, so do not worry even if you don’t speak any Japanese.



Authentic Sushi chefs train themselves for years to master the art of sushi, but remember, sushi was originally born as fast food. You will learn the basic of Sushi, and will be able to create hand-made sushi for your home party, special dinner meal at home!



Yakitori is a type of Japanese cuisine, BBQ style dishes with mainly chicken and vegetables grilled on wooden skewers over a charcoal grill. It is a popular and common food enjoyed widely in Japan. Once you learn the basics, you can freely arrange ingredients to your taste.



Ramen has become one of the most popular Japanese foods in recent years. Its carefully prepared soup and sauces, combined with various types of noodles, create harmony in a bowl. You will learn the basic type of Ramen so that you can enjoy hand-made ramen in your own home kitchen!


Home Cooking lesson

Home cooking is the base of all Japanese cuisine. You will learn how to make soup stock using the traditional method (with bonito, konbu, niboshi). You will enjoy the taste of Japanese home cooking easy to arrange for your taste.


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