How to apply the JCI_Japan Culinary Institute Scholarships

Application acceptance : All through the year

Deadline : March 31st,  June 30th,  August 31st ,  December 31st

   (Need to be arrived at school by the date above)

Announcement for scholarship award : As we have the winner

Scholarship application rules:

If you submit the followings 1 to 8, and be selected as a winner, you will receive a scholarship of 5% to 50% of the tuition fee.

  1. Scholarship Application Form

  2. A letter of recommendation from your culinary instructor of the school.

  3. Letters of recommendation from your two different superiors of the cooking-related work place.

  4. Your graduation certificate from the school

  5. Your transcript from the school

  6. Write a A4 size - two pages of report, 600 to 700 words in English on “What I wish to learn about Japanese food and why”

  7. Two recipes of YOUR original Japanese dishes prepared with the ingredients of YOUR COUNTRY.

  8. Five photos each of your original two recipes. Total of ten pictures.

      *The best student of the year may receive a full amount of scholarship for the next level course.

      *Accommodations and other personal expenses, other than tuition fee are not provided.