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JCI_Japan Culinary Institute is a professional school specialized in Japanese culinary training for international students based on our 40 years of experience in culinary education for international students.

Our unique approach to culinary education allows students to touch directly the world of authentic Japanese cuisine (Washoku, as registered to UNESCO intangible cultural heritage), giving students chances to experience Japanese traditions and culture, such as zazen, or tea ceremony, in addition to culinary training.

  Such an approach is enjoyed and useful for both professionals, who aim to work in the Japanese culinary industry, and amateurs who are passionate about learning Japanese cuisine in depth.

  In an ideal location surrounded by rich nature, the sea in front and mountains in the back, blessed with precious hot springs, and great access from Tokyo (just 40 minutes by bullet train), we offer courses on Traditional Japanese Formal Cuisine (Kaiseki), Sushi, Ramen, Yakitori as well as vegetarian food, halal food, etc. to meet global need and attention for a healthy diet. All the courses are available with free English interpretation services.

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