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International Washoku Competition 2023
Prize Winners


We hereby express our gratitude for many applications we have received for the International Washoku Competition 2023.

As a result of our impartial screening, we are pleased to announce the prize winners of the competition.

There are many wonderful works, but nobody qualifies for this year’s first and second places.

Purpose of the Competition

Japanese cuisine, "WASHOKU" was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013. Japanese cuisine, which is well renowned as a nutritious and well-balanced diet and delicately expresses the changing seasons and the beauty of nature based on the Japanese spirit of "respecting nature," has become a global trend.

This competition aims to inherit the genuine tradition of WASHOKU across the countries and from generation to generation and to contribute to the new development and internationalization of WASHOKU through the fusion of unique ingredients and cooking techniques by inviting and fostering talented prospective Japanese chefs from all over the world to Japan.
We are looking forward to challenges from many people who aim to become a WASHOKU ambassador in the world.

Third place

Tsukemono from celery root, half whole grain rice, yellow beet, spinach, beef meatballs, carrot, and mushrooms de Paris

Name :

Michèle Stocco-Dolder


Review :

Although simple in appearance, the dish is healthy and colorful. Also, a plenty of locally grown ingredients are used with ‘Gomi’ (five tastes) and ‘Goshoku’ (five colors), which are the basis of Japanese cuisine, in mind.

Milk coconut tempra with coconut curry sauce and vinegar tagalog

Name :

Daisy Bobier Bigas


Review :

Tempura, a typical Japanese food, is made from a popularly known fish in the Philippines. The dish is a fusion of Filipino and Japanese cuisine, with coconut milk added to the traditional tempura batter and curry flavors to the sauce and rice.

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