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Japanese Cuisine Professional Chef Training

This course teaches students all the relevant professional cooking techniques and knowledge. The curriculum covers all the Japanese food culture. At the end of the program, the student will have gained knowledge in general Japanese culinary culture with a deep understanding of ingredients and the Japanese culture. The program also includes various field studies, such as visits to a sake brewery, fish market, tea field, etc. It is an ideal course for those who aim to work professionally in the field of Japanese cuisine. The program includes the following subjects:

Sushi Course

JCI Sushi Course that aims to master the menu in a sushi restaurant in 2 months. After learning the basics of Japanese cuisine, we aim to acquire level knowledge and expertise to actually open sushi shops. In addition, we go to the fish market to learn how to select ingredients, go to the sake store tour, and off-campus training is also included in the curriculum.

Home Cooking Course

Japanese Home Cooking course aims at mastering meals served in Japanese homes.

Learn the original Japanese culinary contents and seasonings, and master the “taste of home” in addition to how to cook rice and make soup. Learn "Five Laws" of preparing raw, boiling, broiling, frying, and steaming, and also learn the lunch box recipes and the hot pot meals.

Wagashi Course

The course aims at learning the most traditional Japanese sweets.

You will learn about seasonal Japanese sweets commonly eaten in Japan and how to make them to the level that can be served to customers. In addition, off-school training such as green tea lesson and tea ceremony experience is included in the curriculum.

Green Tea Course

Shizuoka Prefecture is known for its production of Green tea. Around 40% of all the Green tea in Japan is produced in Shizuoka prefecture.

In this course, you will learn different types of tea leaves, and different methods of preparation, to become an expert in selecting teas.

You will visit green tea farms and factories to have a deep understanding of tea. 

Ramen Course

 This course aims at acquiring a general menu in a ramen restaurant.

 After learning the basics of Japanese cuisine, we aim to acquire level knowledge and expertise to actually open a ramen restaurant. In addition, we go to the market to learn how to select ingredients, to noodle factory tours, and participate in extracurricular activities.

Gyoza Course

Gyoza is probably one of the most popular food in Japan. Even though it originated in China, it has developed its own taste in Japan like the case of Ramen. This course is recommended for those who want to learn variations of gyoza. The basic lesson is available for 1 day, and in a 2-week course, you will learn enough to develop your own gyoza and open a gyoza shop. Recommended taking together with Ramen course, as gyoza is often offered side by side with ramen.

Yakitori Course

JCI Yakitori Course aims to master the general menu in a yakitori restaurant.

After learning the basics of Japanese cuisine, we aim to acquire the level of knowledge and expertise to actually open a yakitori restaurant. In addition, we go to the market to learn how to select ingredients, to noodle factory tours and participate in extracurricular activities.

Fast & Street Food Course

Quick-fix meals exist also in Japan, such as Yakisoba (Noodles fried with sauce), Okonomiyaki (flour, water and eggs, and cabbage baked in the grill). These meals are simple, very popular, and easy to prepare. These meals are typically prepared for home parties, or commonly sold at festival stalls. In order to grasp Japanese cuisine as a whole, we also focus on quick-fix meals such as these.

Sake Course

You will acquire practical knowledge sake and service techniques to be able to apply in actual restaurants. By studying ingredients, how to make sake , variation of sake and how to combine with dishes, etc. aiming to acquire top level knowledge and professional skills. The curriculum includes visit to sake factory, too.

Japanese Language

Not only it is useful to know basic Japanese language to live in Japan, Japanese cuisine is deeply related to  its culture; in order to learn Japanese cuisine, it is indispensable to understand its culture, and its language.  Although all the culinary lessons are offered with English interpretation, the school offers opportunities for students to learn Japanese at the same time, and if you enroll for course for more than 1 month, it is offered for free. 

Japanese Culture

Japanese Culture and Japanese Cuisine is inseparable, and to have a deep understanding of Washoku, it is indispensable to learn and experience its culture first hand.

In Atami Washoku Academy, we offer various cultural experiences to have a deeper understanding of Japanese culture while learning culinary culture.

Weekend Kaiseki Course

Once a month, enjoy a weekend in Atami by the beach, learning a full course Kaiseki (Japanese Party meals) and hotspring. The menu will change everytime with seasonal special ingredients and theme. It is a special occasion to reward yourself with quality time for yourself, with your friends or with your family. After each lessons, you will be able to prepare a home-made party course at your own kitchen! It is a chance to connect with people to share your experience and delicious food over table.

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