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COVID-19 entry restrictions to be eased in March


Here is the news about entering Japan. It is very important information, so please read carefully!

The Japanese government has announced that it will ease the border restrictions on new arrivals from abroad starting March.

The restrictions have been implemented as a border protection against the new coronavirus infection.

Here is what was announced.

・The maximum number of people allowed to enter the country per day will be raised from the current 3,500 to 5,000.

・The seven-day quarantine period will be shortened to three days or exempted under certain conditions.

・Priority will be given to those who are not tourists, such as business travelers and foreign students, and the situation will be gradually eased while monitoring the infection situation.

・Along with the negative test result at the time of entry, the quarantine period will be shortened for people who have received booster shots and people arriving from some countries where the outbreak is under control may be exempted from quarantine entirely.

Although the easing of entry restrictions is still conditional, it is a step forward.

We hope that the pandemic will subside as soon as possible.

We are also doing our best to prepare for the reopening of the school. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

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