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Have you heard of the Sakura shrimp?

Updated: May 8

sakura shrimp
Sakura shrimp

Here in Atami alongside the January-blooming Atami cherry blossoms, the mountain cherry blossoms are now in full bloom, adding to Japan's picturesque scenery with their delicate, pale pink petals reminiscent of the artistry in kaiseki cuisine and traditional Japanese ceremonies.

Meanwhile, in Shizuoka Prefecture, another seasonal delight is in full swing – Sakura shrimp. With only two fleeting seasons each year, in spring and fall, the crustaceans, measuring around 40 mm in length, pack a punch of both nutrients and flavor. Exclusive to Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture, Sakura shrimp are a limited-time delicacy, available only from April to May and November to December. During the spawning season from June to September, fishing is prohibited to ensure the sustainability of this prized resource. With its translucent appearance in the sea, Sakura shrimp undergo a magical transformation upon shrimping, turning a rosy pink hue, hence earning their name "Sakura shrimp." Adorned with approximately 160 luminescent spots, they've earned the nickname "the jewels of Suruga Bay." As demand for these delectable crustaceans escalates, so too does their price.

kakiage tempura, sakura shrimp
Kakiage tempura

The culinary possibilities with Sakura shrimp are as diverse as they are delicious. From the classic Kakiage tempura to complementing dishes like Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki, their versatility knows no bounds. Whether enjoyed in its simplest form or as a centerpiece of a gourmet dish, Sakura shrimp never fails to tantalize the taste buds.

dried sakura shrimp (Sergia lucens)
dried sakura shrimp (Sergia lucens)

Exciting opportunities await those eager to explore the culinary wonders of Suruga Bay's treasures. Our upcoming classes will delve into the art of preparing these coveted Sakura shrimps, offering a hands-on experience in crafting dishes such as Kakiage, jellied Sakura shrimp, and savory Sakura shrimp rice bowls. We will also offer classes showcasing the freshest ingredients of early summer, including swordfish, barracuda, okra, and zucchini. For more information on these culinary adventures, please don't hesitate to contact us at "Contact Us | JCI".

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