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New Rice

Autumn is a time of beauty and the exciting harvest season!

As you may know, rice is the primary staple food of Japanese cuisine.

Rice fields become magnificent green after rice planting in May. Then at the end of September, those fields turn into a beautiful sight with golden spikes. Finally, the harvesting season begins.

In October, the harvested, processed, and packed rice marked as "new rice” is on the market so that we can eat fresh and delicious rice in autumn.

At the same time, sake breweries begin to start preparing the sake-making process. Did you know the rice called sake rice is different from table rice that we eat? The special rice is suitable for making sake.

In general, the mountainous areas are often considered better sake production areas because of the temperature gap between morning and evening and the high altitude. And clean water is also essential for sake brewing. In the JCI course, we also offer a sake brewery visiting tour.

* Some breweries do not accept general tourists during the fall and winter periods when they are busy brewing sake.

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