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Photo Report of Professional Yakitori Course

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Yakitori is so-called traditional artisan expertise such as “3 years to master skewering, and a lifetime to master grilling”, but it can also be cooked at home if you want to do it simply. As yakitori is a particularly popular dish anywhere in Japan, some restaurants are cost-oriented yakitori chains and others have artisan pride in choosing ingredients. We can say that yakitori has a wide variety of restaurants compared to any other Japanese cuisine.

Therefore, even if we say “Japanese yakitori”, the definition of itself is not clear, and the pork, beef, fish, and vegetables grilled on skewers are also generally called “yakitori” in a broad sense.

If you ask 10 yakitori chefs “what is the ideal yakitori?”, then they will give you 10 different answers. Some prefer grilling on charcoal fires, while others don't use charcoal to avoid hiding the original taste of chickens.

Professional Yakitori Course was held from August - September 2019!

This course was specially organized for the student who aspires for opening an Izakaya-style Japanese restaurant in the future. The goal of this course is to learn from the basics to the advanced skills of yakitori cutting, skewering and grilling as well as various dishes that are offered at Izakaya. Therefore, a concentrated program combining lectures and hands-on training and internship at actual Yakitori / Izakaya restaurants was provided in a short term.

1-Week Professional Yakitori Course included:

1) Lectures on buying techniques, food knowledge, restaurant planning, restaurant management etc.

2) Many hands-on trainings at different types of yakitori restaurants with different concepts.

3) The training contents and teaching methods are different at each yakitori restaurant so that the student can learn various approaches.

4) Students may learn firing techniques for either or both charcoal and gas cooking.

At the end of the course, after many hours of training in the kitchen and visits, he got the course certificate!


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