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New Year's Eve in Japan with Toshikoshi Soba

Updated: May 8

Hello,from jci_japanculinaryinstitute!

This year is finally over today. How did you spend this year?

This year finally our school was able to resume lessons for the first time in two years.

We look forward to welcoming even more of students in the coming year

Today, I would like to introduce you to Toshikoshi soba, a dish eaten on New Year's Eve in Japan. Toshikoshi soba is soba noodles eaten on New Year's Eve.

Compared to other noodles, soba is easier to cut, so it is eaten on New Year's Eve in the sense of "cutting away the disasters and the bad luck happened in the year."

A common recipe is to eat hot soba with tempura, green onions, kamaboko,shiitake, , and green vegetables.

Recipes vary by region and household, so some regions eat hot soba while others eat cold soba. There are various ingredients and toppings to put on.

New Year's Eve tradition, New Year's Eve soba.

If you spend a new year's eve in Japan, please try it.

Well, thank you for following us this year.

Happy new year to all of you and your family & friends.

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Japan Culinary Institute (JCI) is a full-scale Japanese food school where you can learn Japanese cuisine in English.

It offers excellent opportunities to learn high-level lessons from top professional chefs.

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