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Japanese Cuisine Complete

Course Curriculum

The "Japanese Cuisine Complete Course" is an 8-week course consisting of 2 weeks of "Ramen Professional," 4 weeks of "Japanese Cuisine Course," and 2 weeks of "Yakitori Professional," allowing students to learn a combination of three popular Japanese menus.


Two-week Ramen course

Ramen comes in many unique varieties. It is a creative combination of soup, noodles, and various toppings.
There are dried soups, seafood soups, shellfish soups, shrimp soups, pork bone soups, back fat soups, chicken soups...and many different kinds of noodles. Many unique toppings are available, including char siu pork, braised pork, roasted pork, braised egg, vegetables, shrimp, seaweed, and more.
In the one-week course, students learn basic ramen and cooking, while in the two-week course, students learn popular ramen, unique dishes, and their own ramen research, in addition to the content of the one-week course. Students will also learn how to prepare side orders such as gyoza, wontons, grilled pork, braised pork, vegetable dishes, fried rice, and other dishes essential to a ramen restaurant.
Prospective ramen restaurant owners will receive lessons on how to open a ramen restaurant and make it profitable.

*Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal Menu:
This ramen course does not support these. The reason is that without the strong flavor of pork and chicken, it is impossible to extract the best umami from the ramen.
We will offer a separate vegetarian, vegan, and halal ramen course starting in 2024. 
Coming soon.


Four-week Japanese Cuisine course

In this course, you will learn about menus that Japanese people eat regularly on a daily basis.

-Ichiju Sansai(one soup and three dishes): rice, soup, 3 side dishes (meat, fish, vegetable, etc.), and pickles.

-Taste of Mom's Cooking: hamburger steak, curry and rice, omelette rice, etc., which are popular with children, Mom's home-style dishes

-Western food: pork cutlet, curry with pork cutlet, minced meat cutlet, Japanese-style stewed hamburger steak, etc.

-Izakaya menu: Japanese-style pubs, called Izakaya, are the most popular among Japanese people.Small dishes and creative dishes using various ingredients served there.

-Fast food: Okonomiyaki, Oden, Yakisoba, and other street stall favorites
-Seasonal party menus: nabe dishes(hot pot), chirashi-zushi (Scattered sushi)


Two-week Yakitori course

Yakitori is a very simple preparation: cutting, stabbing, and grilling. However, the simpler it is, the more complete it is, and it is impossible to hide the quality or technique of the ingredients. You can directly taste the ingredients and cooking method, and each step leads to the final taste. Students learn basic techniques and even side dishes.

Week 1 : Yakitori Professional Course
· Introduction to yakitori cooking tools
· Lecture on the types and characteristics of yakitori, seasonings, and grilling
· Types of Yakitori cuts and vegetables, How to choose the type of meat and vegetables
· How to cut, skewer, and grill
· How to preserve ingredients
· How to make yakitori sauce
· How to prepare the grill, how to clean and maintain

Week 2 : Yakitori Restaurant Management Course
· How to plan a successful Yakitori restaurant
· How to create a Yakitori restaurant menu
· Side dishes for Yakitori restaurant
· Training at Yakitori restaurants
· Tableware for yakitori, and how to dish up
· Making your own Yakitori dishes
· Lesson on sake and Japanese beverages in Yakitori restaurant

*Lesson orders and contents are subject to change in order to learn different dishes organically, instead of separatedly.

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