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Exciting News: JCI student, Jose Toledo Makes Headlines in ShizuokaLocal Newspaper!

Student of Japan Culinary Institute, Jose Toledo, makes it to the pages of the Shizuoka

Shimbun Newspaper. Jose enrolled in our 22 week Chef's Course program, he delved

deep into 11 weeks of learning about various aspects of Japanese cuisine at JCI (also

known as: Nihon Washoku Gakuin as printed on Shizuoka Shimbun).

He dedicated himself to immersing in the art and technique that define Japanese

cuisine. Now, he is engaged in the latter half of the program, an 11 week Ståging

Experience at "Ramen Lotus" JCI is proud of your achievements and cannot wait to see

where your culinary journey takes you next!

Pictured above is one of Jose's culinary works, executed during the Kaiseki Course Final

Exam. Tai Sapper Onigiri with wrapped enoki Osuimono soup and house made Kouno-mono fresh pickles.

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