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Japanese Cuisine

Course Curriculum

In this course, you will learn about menus that Japanese people eat regularly on a daily basis.

-Ichiju Sansai(one soup and three dishes): rice, soup, 3 side dishes (meat, fish, vegetable, etc.), and pickles.

-Taste of Mom's Cooking: hamburger steak, curry and rice, omelette rice, etc., which are popular with children, Mom's home-style dishes

-Western food: pork cutlet, curry with pork cutlet, minced meat cutlet, Japanese-style stewed hamburger steak, etc.

-Izakaya menu: Japanese-style pubs, called Izakaya, are the most popular among Japanese people.Small dishes and creative dishes using various ingredients served there.

-Fast food: Okonomiyaki, Oden, Yakisoba, and other street stall favorites

-Seasonal party menus: nabe dishes(hot pot), chirashi-zushi (Scattered sushi)

*Lesson orders and contents are subject to change in order to learn different dishes organically, instead of separatedly.

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