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Cooking Lesson Report: Chikuzen-ni, Stew of Chopped Chicken & Root Vegetable

Hello, from jci_japanculinaryinstitute!

Today, we would like to introduce a Japanese dish that we made in the past lesson: Chikuzen-Style Stew.

Chikuzen-ni is a local dish of Fukuoka in Kyushu.

It is called "Chikuzen-ni" because the northern and western parts of Fukuoka Prefecture used to be called Chikuzen.

Ingredients are chicken, carrots, lotus root, burdock root, konnyaku, green beans, etc., stir-fried in oil and seasoned with sugar and soy sauce.

Ordinary simmered dishes are seasoned after boiling, but chikuzen-ni is seasoned after stir-frying in oil, making it richer.

Chikuzen-ni is actually a part of the New Year's special dish, called OSECHI.

Since it is made with many ingredients, it is said that it was created with the meaning of family members getting along well and being united.

Chikuzen-ni is a dish that is gorgeous to look at, with carrots and lotus root in the shape of a flower, and it brightens up the dining table just by looking at it.

Chikuzen-ni is a traditional Japanese dish for a special occasion.

Why don't you try to make this taste, which has been loved by Japanese people since ancient times, at JCI?

What is JCI?

Japan Culinary Institute (JCI) is a full-scale Japanese food school where you can learn Japanese cuisine in English.

It offers excellent opportunities to learn high-level lessons from top professional chefs.

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