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JCI Instructor 2 - Ramen Basic

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Cooking classes are held in a fully equipped kitchen, under the guidance of the instructor and interpreters. Different recipes are taught by different instructor expert in the field, so throughout your course, you may be taught by multiple instructors. We'd like to introduce one of our instructors who teaches Ramen lessons:

He is currently working in Ramen restaurant, so the students can learn ramen as offered in actual ramen shop. His Motto is "Try to think out of the box and pursue a great taste."

These are the ingredient used for ramen soup preparation
Ingredients for ramen soup

Akihiro KAI : Ramen Lesson

Age : 52 years old (1966-)

  • Born in Miyazaki, Kyusyu where Tonkotsu Ramen (a pork bone broth ramen) is authentic and famous in Japan.

  • Experienced as a bartender, a store manager/regional manager at a restaurant and a steak house.

  • Joined at Yokohama Iekei or house style ramen (ramen with fatty pork-soy-sauce flavored soup with thick flat noodles) shop with an aspiration for cooking ramen which is my favorite food since a child.

  • Experienced as a store manager at a “Szechuan-style miso ramen (a spicy miso-based ramen)” shop.

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