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JCI Instructor 3: Yakitori Training

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

As we teach each subject by professional instructors in the field at JCI, this time, we organized a special training sessions at one of the most popular yakitori shop in the area, for the student who plan to open his own yakitori shop in future.

He is called as "Taisho" from others, which is similar to "Boss" in English. 35 years of experience in yakitori, he has an extraordinary commitment to the quality of his yakitori, from the selection of chicken used to the salt (he uses only his own blended salt). If you think you know what yakitori tastes like, you should try his yakitori, it is not something you can find elsewhere, even in Tokyo. He uses only the best quality jidori (Chicken native to Japan reared in special attention to the feed, water, and environment), and established a cooking method that brings out the best taste of it.

Yakitori Master called "TAISHO"
Yakitori Master Hiroaki Munemasa, called "TAISHO"

He is not only a great yakitori chef, but also a great educator. His enthusiasm on yakitori and cooking transmits to his earnest in teaching in a way that the students can get the most of the lesson. During the course, he dedicated his only holiday from regular restaurant operation to teaching our student from the morning to the evening.

Although it is not possible to master the same art of yakitori he acquired in decades of practice in just a few days, he carefully considered a program for training in the best way possible, so that the students can learn the most of techniques there are in a short time. "The world of yakitori is profound and even I keep learning still", he says, " but to teach those who came from overseas with passion for yakitori, and if they learn something from me to bring back home or even remember about me and talk about my yakitori, that would be giving back something to the world for me."

To learn this kind of true Japanese culinary art directly from the master, is an experience only possible in Japan. We have other professionals like him, who collaborate with our school (please inquire for more details.)

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