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Wagashi and Seasonality

Since ancient times, Japanese people have been sensitive to the changing seasons and have always lived their lives with a sense of the four seasons.

Even in the Heian period (794-1185), famous for the Tale of Genji (Genji Monogatari), the custom of making sweets and desserts existed. According to the Engishiki, a set of rules and regulations compiled in the mid-Heian period, "wooden sweets" made from fruits such as pears, koji (malted rice), and natsume (jujube) were served according to the season.

Even today, wagashi expresses the season in advance. The arrival of spring can be felt when sakura mochi (cherry blossom cakes) and fresh confections in the shape of cherry blossoms appear in stores. In summer, wagashi made with kuzu (arrowroot starch) are produced. Its clear texture reminds one of flowing water and gives a cool impression.

Shizuoka Prefecture, where JCI is located, is home to Japan's most famous mountain, Mt. Fuji. Natural ice is made by pumping up groundwater, filtering it, and freezing it slowly in the natural cold, resulting in dense, single-crystal ice. The snow cone made from this ice shaved is flexible, hard to melt, and has a fluffy texture.

Make wagashi unique to JCI and hone your skills in expressing the four seasons in Japan.

JCI offers classes on making various types of Japanese sweets. Classes cover a wide range of sweets from traditional ones such as o-hagi, zenzai, dango, and nerikiri to the latest trends such as decorated dorayaki and fruit anmitsu.

anko mochi, kinako mochi, sesame o-hagi

Wagashi menu for June 24. Anko mochi (bean paste cake), kinako mochi (soybean flour cake), and sesame o-hagi (rice cake with sesame seeds). These are traditional Japanese snacks.

agar jelly

Agar jelly. In Japan, jelly is made from agar made from seaweed. It is beautifully filled with fruit, adzuki beans, and mint. It is a traditional summer Japanese confectionery. It is very healthy because it is made from seaweed.

shaved ice covered with molasses and vanilla ice cream

A new type of shaved ice. It is covered with molasses and vanilla ice cream.

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