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Kawaii & Oishii! Artistic “Kazari-zushi” from Japan!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

↑ "Kazari Maki-zushi," or Deco Rolls, known as the local fare of Chiba Pref. near Tokyo with Kawaii designs, surely make everyone smile! ( Host a party with Vegetable Nigiri and bite-size Temari-zushi! Hello from Japan Culinary Institute, and welcome to JCI's blog for those looking for an opportunity to learn about Japanese cuisine and culture in Japan! In the world of Washoku, Japanese people use their talent and artistic sense to create beautiful dishes. One of the best examples of this is the Kazari(decorative) sushi introduced in this article. In this article, we showcase a variety of Kazari-zushi, including decorative maki(rolls), ball-shaped Temari-zushi, and vegetable nigiri. We are sure that you will want to make it, too. At JCI, you can learn how to make this artistic and creative sushi! Table of Contents 1. "Deco Rolls(Kazari Maki-zushi)" 2. "Vegetable Nigiri(Yasai-zushi)" 3. "Deco Sushi Balls(Temari-zushi)" 4. Summary

1. "Deco Rolls (Kazari Maki-zushi)"

↑Deco Rolls with plum and rose and traditional Japanese design patterns.

Sushi, always popular among the Japanese, has won fans worldwide. For most people, sushi brings to mind a bite-size mound of vinegared rice topped by a slice of sashimi or some other ingredient called Nigiri, or Maki-zushi, a type of sushi roll wrapped in nori (dried seaweed).

We want to showcase a popular variation these days called Kazari Maki-zushi, Deco(=Decorative) Rolls, sushi rolls formed so that the cross-section of the roll reveals delightful patterns of flowers and animals and even popular anime characters. So kawaii & colorful, they are perfect for SNS postings.

↑Shikai-maki is a roll of four seas in the shape of waves coming in from all directions. The mosaic pattern of this traditional Japanese design is modern and stylish. The key to a beautiful finish is to fold the four corners of the cucumber tightly, using the cucumber's corners.

↑Make a glamorous fancy bento box with some flower Deco Rolls!

A basic Deco Roll is made by spreading vinegared sushi rice on a nori sheet, adding various ingredients, and rolling the whole into a cylinder shape using a bamboo mat. A Deco Roll is essentially a large roll containing several smaller rolls of carefully selected ingredients and sometimes colored rice. The important thing is to place these parts strategically so that when the roll is formed and cut, the cross-section will have the desired pattern.

Cutting Deco Roll to reveal the cross-section pattern is always an exciting moment. Cutting them into bite-size pieces with a knife wet with a small amount of vinegar added helps keep clean cross-sections.