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Photo Report of Professional Yakitori Course

Updated: May 27, 2022

Yakitori Professional Course was held in February 2020!

This course was specially organized for the students who already have plans to open yakitori restaurants in their home countries, to learn how to make various types of yakitori, and to get on-site training at one of the popular yakitori restaurants in Tokyo. Besides, they wished to know about the yakitori equipment needed for the restaurant such as the yakitori griller. Therefore, a 1-week program of hands-on training and a 1-day visit to the kitchen tools street in Tokyo was organized.

1-Week Yakitori Professional Course included:

-How to cut up a whole chicken

-How to make various chicken cuts and other types of yakitori such as vegetable skewers

-How to skewer

-How to season with salt and sauce

-How to grill over charcoal

-Yakitori restaurant internship (The students served yakitori cooked by themselves to the customers)

-Visit to a famous kitchen-tools street in Tokyo

Furthermore, one of the students took a 3-day intensive course of Yakitori Restaurant Training and Management to learn about market research, setting a target, examining the types of restaurant, facade study, specialized shop/architecture/interior design, budget planning, etc.

At the end of the course, after many hours of training in the kitchen, he got the course certificate!

To find more about the course, please visit Yakitori Course.


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