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Sushi rolls with beautiful floral patterns: from Japanese Cooking Lesson

Updated: May 8

Hello,from jci_japanculinaryinstitute!

Have you ever heard of "makizushi,” one kind of Sushi?

Today I'd like to share with you a sushi roll we made in one of our lessons!

Rolled sushi is made by placing ingredients in vinegared rice, rolling it up in a sheet of nori (dried seaweed laver), and slicing it into 2-3 cm rounds.

Various ingredients are used, but the standard ingredients include egg omelet, dried tofu, dried gourd, cucumber, shiitake mushrooms, dengbu, grilled conger eel, and Japanese honeywort

However, there is no "absolute" rule for sushi rolls, as each region, family, and restaurant has its own recipe.

It is also fun to make a variety of arrangements like the sushi rolls we made in this lesson, which are rolled so that the cross section of the cut sushi roll is shaped like a flower.

Want to make your own sushi rolls?

What design would you like to make?

Let us know in the comments section!

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

What is JCI?

Japan Culinary Institute (JCI) is a full-scale Japanese food school where you can learn Japanese cuisine in English.

It offers excellent opportunities to learn high-level lessons from top professional chefs.

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