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Taste Japan's Ocean Delights in Summer!

↑The uni(sea urchin) and ruby-red Ikura(salmon roe) box sushi remind me of a jewel box!

Come learn, cook, and savor seasonal foods at JCI!

Hello from Japan Culinary Institute, and welcome to JCI's blog for those looking for an opportunity to learn about Japanese cuisine and culture in Japan!

Once the rainy season is over in Japan, summer comes in full swing.

What do you think of seafood that tastes better in summer?

In Japan, Aji(Horse Mackerels) and Iwashi(Sardines) are inexpensive, tasty, and versatile, used in many home-cooked dishes, while expensive wild Uni(Sea Urchins), Ayu(sweetfish), and Kuruma-Ebi(prawns) are in season and become delicious!

We will introduce these summer seafood and dishes using them in this issue.

Why don't you learn Washoku with top-quality seasonal ingredients at JCI?

JCI's experienced and professional teachers will guide you through the process.

Table of Contents

  1. The Everyday Fish: Iwashi (Sardine)

  2. The Versatile Fish: Aji (Horse Mackerel)

  3. The Love or Hate Delicacy: Uni (Sea Urchin)

  4. The Queen of the River: Ayu (Sweetfish)

  5. The King of Prawn: Kuruma-Ebi (Kuruma Prawn)

  6. Summary

1. The Everyday Fish: Iwashi (Sardine)

↑The meaty flesh is simply delicious on top of Nigiri with grated ginger and green onion!

Iwashi (sardines) is among Japan's most delicious and fatty bluefish in summer! When caught as very young babies, sardines are called "Shirasu," when caught as young and dried, they transform into "Niboshi," used for Dashi stock. Did you know this fact?

Iwashi is a "popular fish" familiar to Japanese people since ancient times. Because it is caught in large quantities and is inexpensive, Iwashi has long appeared on the tables of the Japanese people. Fresh large Iwashi in season in summer can be enjoyed as Nigiri or sashimi with flavorful fatty meat.

↑Salted and semi-dried Mezashi has been favored on the breakfast table in Japan for a long time.