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Japanese Tradition & Food Culture - Vol.1: Morishio (piled salt) for prosperous business!

In Japan, morishio (piled salt) is a traditional practice that has been handed down from one generation to another for a long time. It has been believed that the piled salt in a small dish placed by the front door works for purification of the premises and warding off evil spirits.

Nowadays morishio is placed in front of many shops and restaurants as a wish for success at the time of opening of business.

Meanings of Morishio

It is believed that morishio has several meanings below:

- Salt from the sea helps remove bad energy.

- Purify with the piled salt and invite good luck.

- Make up for the missing parts of the place and create new power. Based on these meanings that have been passed down, morishio has been placed by the front door for purposes such as successful business, exorcism, and amulet. As morishio is easy to practice, it is spread widely throughout the nation.

Where to Place Morishio: main entrance or front door of a building

For increasing the effect of morishio, it is important to place it in the right place. According to feng shui, the entrance or the front door of a building is considered as a very important place to “keep away negative energy” and “invite positive energy”.

How to Set up Morishio Natural salt, especially rock salt or solar salt does not contain extra ingredients so that you can make use of the original energy of salt. Of course, there is no problem with using edible salt, but it has the disadvantage of not only containing ingredients other than salt but also being easily broken. If you use edible salt, then you should change it more frequently.

<A plate to be used with> A round flat plate should be used for morishio. In general, a plain white plate with a diameter of about 5 cm is often used. A simple round plate is generally suitable for use, but a square white plate may be used instead.

How to Pile the Salt

When piling the salt, you should arrange it in the shape of a mountain on a plate. The way to arrange the salt in a mountain shape is derived from feng shui and the theory of Yin Yang. If possible, the shape of a cone or square pyramid is ideal. The recommended amount is about 10 grams per plate.

How to Treat Morishio

<The frequency of changing morishio>

If the shape of the salt is broken or the salt gets dirty, do not leave it as it is. Change it once every 3 to 7 days, at least twice a month. When placing the salt in a humid place, it is better to change it daily.

How to Dispose Morishio

The used salt should be washed away with clean water. This is because the salt is believed to absorb bad energy, and the bad energy would be purified when washed away with clean water.

Of course, not every restaurant in Japan has morishio. However, if you want to do it, it is better to know the right way of placing morishio.

For your prosperous business, why don't you try it out?

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