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JCI Instructors 1 - Home Cooking

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Cooking classes are held in a fully equipped kitchen, under the guidance of the instructor and interpreters. Different recipes are taught by different instructor expert in the field, so throughout your course, you may be taught by multiple instructors. We'd like to introduce one of our instructors who teaches home cooking lessons.

She is a very cheerful and enthusiastic person that brightens up the room, and everyone is marveled at the speed of her cooking, making various dishes quickly but delicious - ideal skill for both home cooking and professionals who seek efficiency in the kitchen!

Her motto is "I always try to cook delicious dishes reasonably. Even though you have a brilliant idea, the dish would never be memorable if it is not tasty. "

She was a popular cooking instructor in a national TV program and has published various books.

Japanese home cooking instructor at Japan culinary institute
Home Cooking instructor Kimie Saito

Kimie SAITO: Japanese Home Cooking class

-Former Instructor of Kagawa Nutrition University and TV program “Kewpie 3-Minute Cooking”

-Regular instructor of LeMONA-Kitchen at Atami Gas


-Graduated from Junior College of Kagawa Nutrition University

-Worked as an assistant at Kagawa Cooking Class in Kagawa Nutrition University in 1973 -Studied under Misao Takiguchi, Makoto Katsuta(Tsukiji Tamura), Katsumi Sakaguchi(Daiichi Hotel Tokyo), Terushige Morioka(Chianti) and Kijyun Ouma.

-Worked as an instructor at Kagawa Cooking Class in Kagawa Nutrition University in 1991

-Worked at Nutrition Care Division of Gotemba Ishikawa Hospital in 2000

-Started own business since 2006

【Current Job】 

-Regular instructor of LeMONA-Kitchen at Atami Gas

-Maruetsu (a large supermarket chain) Eatopian instructor

-ATAMI COLLECTION A-PLUS Jury (Cooking competition in Atami)

-Jury president for Parent-Child Cooking Contest of Atami Gas

-Former instructor for TV program “Kewpie 3-Minute Cooking”


-Junior High School teacher’s license for home economics

-Cooking license

-Japanese cuisine cooking license

-School lunch cooking license

-Home Cooking Test supported by MOE, Grade 1

-Ready-made Meal Master

-Instructor of Kagawa Nutrition University


-「塩分1日6gの洋風献立(Western Recipe for 6g Salt per Day)」 

-「いつものおかずで塩分6g献立(Daily Recipe for 6g Salt per Day)

-「糖尿病のおかず(Recipe for those who have diabetes)」       

-「高脂血症のおかず(Recipe for those who have hyperlipidemia) 」      

-「栄養と料理(Nutrition and Cookery magazine)」

-「胃手術後の100日レシピ(100 Days Recipe for Post-Stomach Surgery)」     

-Text Book for Kewpie 3-Minute Cooking

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