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JCI opening soon!

JCI opening soon!

To all of you who are looking forward to the day when you can enter Japan to study Japanese cuisine at JCI.

We are pleased to bring you the latest exciting news about the immigration process.

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun of September 15, the Japanese government will soon abolish the limit of 50,000 visitors per day. In conjunction with this, the government has also decided to lift the ban on visa-free short-term stays and individual travel. This easing of restrictions will take effect as early as October. Certain requirements, such as vaccination, will remain, but the goal is to return to almost the pre-Corona situation of foreigner entry procedures.

JCI will begin offering short-term courses in Ramen, Yakitori, Sushi, and Japanese Cuisine from October to December. A Japanese Cuisine Chef Training course will also begin on January 16, 2023. We are also planning various other courses. We will let you know as soon as they are decided, so please look forward to them.

I hope to see you all at school soon

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