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Student's Voice - Ramen Course -

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Maxim Kulechov (Russia) Ramen Professional Course
Maxim K. (Russia) Ramen Professional Course

Here is voice from one of our students from Russia! He kindly answered our questionnaire after the course.

・Did your culinary skills and knowledge improve through the program? - Yes, my level has increased very much, I learned about a large number of ingredients that I did not know before. 

What was the most interesting/fruitful lesson(s) during the program?  - A lesson in an actual ramen shop: there are a lot of interesting equipment and a well explained lesson.  

What was the best point about the school other than the culinary lessons? - taking care of the student, it’s very nice how the school was worried about my education.  

What would you like to learn more in future? -I would like to learn in the future about the production of soy sauce, miso pasta, how kombu are produced.  

To whom  you’d like to recommend this course? - I would recommend this course to all the chefs who work in Japanese cuisine, and not necessarily to ramen, because when I studied with you, I learned generally about the principle of Japanese cuisine. 

To learn more about our Ramen Courses, visit our Ramen page!!

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