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Yakitori: More than just a grilled chicken

Hello,from jci_japanculinaryinstitute!

Do you know "Yakitori"?

Yakitori is a very popular Japanese-style skewered chicken, which you can enjoy in any season.

Yakitori, as the name suggests, is made by cutting various parts of chicken into bite-sized pieces, skewering them and grilling them.

Japanese people have been eating grilled chicken for a long time. It is said that the origin of yakitori appeared in the Edo period and the word ‘yakitori’ was first used then.

In the Meiji era, yakitori became widely available at street stalls and became very popular for its convenient serving style and its reasonable price, as a kind of Japanese style of gourmet snack for everybody.

The most popular type of yakitori may include the heart, neck meat, gizzards (part of the stomach), bonjiri (meat around the tailbone) of chicken. Japanese people love even yakitori of the chicken skin, which is very crispy and tasty.

In addition, meatballs, liver, green onions, and cartilage etc. etc.

We will introduce you more yakitori menu in future posts!

What kind of yakitori would you like to try? Do you like those seasoned with sweet and salty shoyu-based sauce or those seasoned with simply salt?

JCI has a yakitori course where you can learn directly from a yakitori chef.

Even beginners can learn with confidence.

Please feel free to contact us as we accept it from a short period of time.

What is JCI?

Japan Culinary Institute (JCI) is a full-scale Japanese food school where you can learn Japanese cuisine in English.

It offers excellent opportunities to learn high-level lessons from top professional chefs.

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